Dr. Laelaye Shimeles

Dr. Christina Woo

Our head of staff and Chief Dentist, Dr. Laelaye Shimeles has had a passion for dentistry from an early age. Inspired by the idea that he could make an important difference in the lives of patients like you, he attained a vast amount of training and experience.

After earning his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Maryland, College Park, he earned his Certificate of Orthodontics and Residency from Howard College of Dentistry.

Dr. Shimeles has since gained numerous other certifications, honors, affiliations, and bonafides from various associations and organizations, with an emphasis on continued education and staying on the cutting-edge of dental and orthodontic research.

One of Dr. Shimeles’ reasons for founding Apolline Dental Associates was his passion for providing comprehensive dental and oral care, including orthodontics. Teeth alignment and oral cosmetics are also a specialty of Dr. Shimeles.

We believe in providing the best, quality care possible for every visit. After all, even a minor toothache or a simple checkup deserve the best care and attention possible.